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Welcome to the ONLINE registration system for Salisbury Youth Hockey. Please read all information carefully. After reading the following info, please scroll to the bottom of the page to log into the registration system.

Please note, when registering via our online system:

  • You will need to register with USA Hockey BEFORE completing this registration. This is required - you will need the USA Hockey confirmation number in order to complete our form.
    You need a new USA Hockey Confirmation Number for every year! 

    To register for USA Hockey, please visit:

  • After receiving your USA Hockey confirm number, return to our site to register with us. Please note that the system will ask for a password in order for you to complete it.
    Almost no one knows their password.  So, just input your email address, hit enter, and then your password will be emailed to you.  If you have never registered with us before, for any of your kids, you will be creating a new account. 
  • The first person you will be entering information about is the PARENT or GUARDIAN. The Parent/Guardian does NOT need a USA Hockey Confirmation number. 
  • Your Registration is only confirmed when we receive payment for your registration. 

Please enter all information carefully, especially email addresses. Note, that if you choose to "opt-out" of email information, then you will not receive notices from us regarding times/locations... anything. So, my advice is do not opt out of emails. Please enter BOTH parents emails.

In terms of privacy, I recommend that for all phone numbers email addresses etc, please choose the "private" option in the drop downs. This way, that information is accessible online only to me, the registrar, and to no one else (except of course, yourself).

This system will allow you to update your own email address info throughout the year, and add new email addresses for communications.

Many thanks, Salisbury Youth Hockey

14 or Under "Bantams" 2022-2023

Registration for our Bantam Team, Birth years 2008-2009

Opened: 05/21/2022
Closes: 09/01/2022

Open to: Boys & Girls
born between: 01/01/2008 and 12/31/2010

12 or Under "Pee Wees" 2022-2023

Registration for our PeeWee Team. Birth years 2010 & 2011

Opened: 05/21/2022
Closes: 09/01/2022

Open to: Boys & Girls
born between: 01/01/2010 and 12/31/2011

10 or Under "Squirts" 2022-2023

Registration for our Squirt Team. Birth years 2012 & 2013

Opened: 05/21/2022
Closes: 09/01/2022

Open to: Boys & Girls
born between: 01/01/2012 and 12/31/2013

8 or Under "Mites" 2022-23

Registration for our Mite Team. Birth years 2014 & 2015

*Our coaches in the Mite program can discuss the skating and skill level of children born in 2015 to join this team.

Opened: 05/21/2022
Closes: 02/28/2023

Open to: Boys & Girls
born between: 01/01/2012 and 12/31/2017

Learn To Skate 2022-2023

Learn To Skate


Opened: 06/21/2022
Closes: 03/01/2023

Open to: Boys & Girls
born between: 12/31/2005 and 01/01/2020